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EJ-Group is a real estate investment company

EJ-Group offers real estate investment consulting to our customers, as well as short-term and long-term rental apartments. With our help you don’t need a lot of capital and contacts to invest in real estate, and you can quickly find the properties you are seeking.

Ej-Group Oy investment portfolio

Arctra Oy

Share of ownership 50%
Year of acquisition 2022

“Arctra Is A private resort located in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle. In the middle of tranquil Lappish nature, on top of the hill Ollerovaara, exists a rural getaway like no other. Far from the everyday, yet closer than you might think. Each stay at the Arctra’s privare resort can be tailored to meet customer’s unique needs.”

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EJ- Group

EJ-Group is a Finnish real estate investment company. We offer you a large selection of real estate investment opportunities, as well as rental services. Our project management service also makes finding and developing an empty lot into a finished building convenient for you, as we can handle everything from the research phase all the way to finding the right construction company.

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